Ads Managment Platform

SpotWay – ADS MANAGER for: Image Banner, Text/Html, Youtube/Video, Flash, Adsense (Any kind of Ads)

What can do SpotWay for you?
SpotWay is a clever ads manager, that helps webmasters and web developers creating, managing and analyzing ads into websites.
Using it, it will increase considerably the execution time of adding ads on websites. You can manage multiple ads on multiple website with One Time Install!


Text/Html Ads
You can Now manage Easily Text/Html Ads into your website. But also: Youtube/Video Ads, Flash Ads, Adsense Ads..
Easy install
Quick and easy install on your server in 3 steps, check out the documentation file or the platform use video.
Easy Ads Managment
Create and install ads on your page in a few clicks. Installing ads has never been so easy.
Iframe and Javascript implementation
Add a Javascript or an Iframe code into your website to manage ads
Multiple ads rotation
You can add multiple ads into a Spot and they have a rate of 50% to show up.
Campaign Management
You can create campaigns and add ads there to easily make analisys on multiple criteria.
And lots more …
Check for more info!
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V.1.3 - Text/Html Ads – Youtube Ads – Flash Ads – Adsense Ads – Now can be managed!
To upgrage go to
V.1.2 - Jacascript Embed Code added - Bug Fixes : Stats Redirect Fixed; Ads Time Selector Fixed
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