Andrex 3.0 | Music & Utility App

Introduction IF YOU HAVE SOME PROBLEMS WITH RUNNING ANDREX 3.0 DOWNLOAD THE FAST FIX BUNDLE You have to download the Fast Fix for Andrex 3.0 and follow the instructions included with the bundle. Download it now: //// This app can be run only on iOS 7 and up //// With this complete application for iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S you can get into Andrex’s world. You can read the latest news with the advanced RSS Feed, you can listen to some demo songs offline, you can listen to the live radio with background play, you can see a photo gallery and you can chat and send images with AndrexChat®. Very Cool! ;)) Application features: - See release notes about every update - Play songs offline with Andrex Media Player® (You can set the album cover image and the iTunes® link where the user will buy the song) - Read the latest news with the RSS Feed Reader - Pull to refresh with sound effects - Share the news via Facebook, Twitter and Email - Radio Streaming with background support (Works from iOS 7) - Share the title, the artist and the album cover which is playing on the Live Radio via Facebook, Twitter and Email - Fetch the Album cover from - Airplay function - Google Image Search, you can search every image you want - Image gallery that downloads images from your server or from any website you want (there is also the availability to download the images and to save them into the Camera Roll) - AndrexChat is a platform where you can send images to other users, it uses backend - You must create an account into the app in order to access to all chat features. - Facebook login with parsing of your Account informations like profile image and the full name. - You can save the received image to the camera roll - You can manage your friends (add or remove them) and you can also invite them to chat with you (Invite them via WhatsApp, SMS or Email) - You can manage friend requests - Push notifications from every message you receive - Google Analytics and Analytics - Fully Customizable (You can edit everything you want from the button to the full Tabbar, just edit the AppDelegate.m file) - Easy to understand - Ready for uploading to the App Store - Professional UI, fully compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 7.1 - Support for devices with 64-Bit Architecture (iPhone 5S) - Application is ready to be build and uploaded into iTunes store. - You can download this app on AppStore to prove it that Apple will absolutely approve it if you don’t remove all the features I did! I did not upload the new version to the App Store, but I will do it very soon If you need help on installing Xcode and getting an iOS Development environment setup, you can visit Apple® Dev site:
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