Bootstrap Shopping Cart Pack

Ready-to-use Bootstrap Shopping Cart Pack for your php website!
It’s a perfect solution for medium and small shops, perfect to convert your website to a Shop You can use it in any website in a quick, easy & flexible way.
I wanted to simplify the buying process for customers. Following this concept of simplicity and customer behaviors, I made a shopping cart that does not require registration. For the customer its quick and easy. All the customer data such as email, address, name, ... will be sent directly from Paypal in order to proceed with the process of the payment.

The Shopping carts + Basic Php tutorial

+ Top shopping cart view demo
+ Right shopping cart view demo
+ Bottom shopping cart view demo
+ Left shopping cart view demo

Main features:

+ PHP OOP (no OOP knowledge required)
+ Easy to use and setup
+ Content manager for products
+ Once paid, paypal sends a mail with the details of the buyer.
+ Paypal payment (with ipn)
+ Prices offer
+ Shipping price (Fixed price or no price for shipping)
+ Billing, copy business (detailed) and constumer
+ Unlimited products & categories
+ Easy customization ( Twitter bootstrap compatible with IE 8 )
+ Responsive design, Bootstrap framework
+ Easily embed into PHP page
+ Compatible with Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, & Safari (recommended with css3)
+ Includes part of my Paypal Payment Pack ($14) + Configuration of the currency
+ Cash on delivery – new v1.1
+ Discount Coupons – new v1.1 – Test it with the code “Promo10”

Live demo

You can view a demo installation: Live Demo
Admin: Admin Live Demo
User: admin
Pass: admin
For every purchase a email ticket is created, one copy for the business and other for customer


Click here to see the basic installation


v 1.1
Cash on delivery
Discount Coupons
Performance Improvements

Server Requirements

PHP 5.3+
MySql 5.0+


Bootstrap 2.3.1 compatible with IE 7
Eden PHP library
Admin with PHPmaker 10
  • one gaming PCs
  • iPhone 6 ab 1€*