Christmas Card with Many Effects

Show your customers how you value for them with this beautiful and elegant Christmas card. There are several animations, including parallax! You can modify all text, and leave the card with your identity. All the pleasant sound of beautiful music. You can see the animation on the tablet and phone, because the card was made with html5. Fully touch! The arts are included, are 2-color cards and even has a help file.
Want a bigger text? Problem with music? The card does not open? Check out the frequently asked questions.
11/07/2013 Dear friends, before there was a bug in iPhone. The file was updated, and the bug was resolved.
11/06/2013 New option that makes it easy to change colors.
11/05/2013 New preloader, more beautifull!
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I very much hope you enjoy =)

  • one gaming PCs
  • iPhone 6 ab 1€*