Cirq Social and Feature Linking for WordPress

Want more attention on your social networking accounts? Looking for a new way to stand out? You realize presentation matters to get and hold attention. You know that you need to set yourself apart in every way possible. Cirq Social, a new way to link to all of your favorite social networks and add important links you wish to feature, in a creative and customizable way that stands out. This beautiful, elegant plugin will bring a new touch to the design you’ve spent your valuable time building. Better yet, this plugin will do so easily. Get more exposure to your social presence. Drive traffic to specific links. Give attention to anything in a new, unique way! The ability to network with others is the most valuable trait you can possess: Cirq Social enhances your audience-reach. Cirq Social expands your capability. Stand out: Break the user’s behavior pattern and guide them to exactly what you want them to see, through a carefully crafted experience. As soon as the button is hit, the novelty of effect holds attention, steals focus, and one can’t help but follow through to your social networks or featured links of choice. Tap into the power of social media with the to ability launch your preferred social network links into new tabs. Keep your visitor on-site while they participate in liking or interacting with your brand socially. Use Cirq Social. Like Nothing Else. Break The Mold With Cirq Social: A Powerful Social and Feature Linking plugin for WordPress!
  1. Advantage: Doesn’t take up a great deal of screen real estate when nested, but enables an attention-drawing ability to feature your social presence and other links!
  2. Advantage: Because of its small size, Cirq is  an excellent addition to responsive themes!
  3. Advantage: Bottom position (uncommon screen-position) chasing the page scroll makes a constant interruption in the user’s behavior pattern, raising odds of user-click.
  4. Advantage: Flexible beyond just social media linking: Can be used to link to any other page or site. Link to any important site!
  5. Advantage: Like nothing else: Cirq Social looks nothing like any other share-bar, so it will stand out automatically, prompting more attention to the links of your choice!
  • Fully configurable.
  • Link to any social network or feature any site you wish.
  • Can be positioned in four places for maximum flexibility: On the Top, Left, Right or Bottom of screen.
  • Unlimited color options for each element.
  • Any Background image of your choice.
  • Any icon of your choice.
  • Font, background and cover colors all assignable.
  • Ability to set opacity value.
  • Fast loading: Loads near-instantly. No involved scripting to cause loading stalls.
  • Added via plugin settings: No need for shortcodes! Set options right from your WordPress admin panel!
  • Designed to meet all WordPress standards for functionality and integration.
  • Full documentation.
  • Easy Installation. Short setup time!
  • Free Support. Great support. Free future updates.
  • Home Page
  • Main Blog Page
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Miscellaneous Pages (Search, Tags, Categories, etc.)
  • Cirq Social is made by an extremely dedicated  team based in the United States. 
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