Fun Photo App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

This is a fully developed iOS app. It will allow you, as the developer, to add any person or object to the app so the user can shoot live photos with that person or object. It’s a fun app that can be easily customized for many uses. For example, if I want end users to be able to snap photos with a crown or even a person, I can easily add those photo overlays to the app. The user would then be able to select the overlay they want to use and see it on their live camera screen. The overlay can be resized with finger gestures and will rotate to work in landscape or portrait mode. You can see the code in action in the iOS App Store at!/id419721325?mt=8 and!-justin-bieber/id405899178?mt=8 There’s also a video demonstration at It’s easy to add any item or person you’d like. Full documentation is included and support is available if you have trouble.
  • one gaming PCs
  • iPhone 6 ab 1€*