Grip Strengthening App

- Grip Strengthening workouts are somehow missing from the world of bodybuilding.Having a strong grip not only helps in weightlifting but also in daily tasks that require a strong grip. This gap is attempted to be bridged by Grip Strengthening App. - Grip Strengthening App is a full grip workout program.It is divided in three parts.Each part has a variety of exercises with extra information on duration and how to execute. There is also a video for each exercise(VideoView) in order to demonstrate how to execute it properly. - Grip Strengthening App is designed in a way to offer a layer of abstraction,so you may use it as an application template to create another app.For example you can create an application for a place of interest,a museum,a business presentation etc. - Full documentation included.
  • one gaming PCs
  • iPhone 6 ab 1€*