MediaFans - Share photos, GIFs and videos


With MediaFans, you can Create your own community of friends and Share photos, videos and GIFs, easy and simple. The application can be configured to be open to everyone, or only those who are registered. It is easy to configure and NOT requires much resource to the server. Users can upload their pictures, GIF or Videos, browse the photos of other users, comment, chat with other users in real time, and more. Furthermore, this optimized so that the search engines do track every page of registered users, as well as all the photos.

A Great Use Case


Here are some of its main features:
  • Share photos, GIFs and videos.
  • Live Chats, Messages, Comments.
  • Notifications on likes, comments, following, and chat.
  • Likes, hashtag, emoticons in chat y comments.
  • Multileguage system.
  • Theme System.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Optimized for SEO.
  • Demonstration Page

    You can see the application running at the following address:

    Access the maintenance area

    When the application is installed, a user is created. This user also is an administrator: Username: usermain
    Password: 123456

    Maintenance Area Options

    General Settings: To configure the more general aspects of the application.
    Manager Users: Section that is used to manage user accounts.
    Languages: In this option you can choose default language of the system.
    Themes: In this option you can choose default theme of the system.
    Manage Ads: To configure the areas of advertising. These areas are advertising 200×200 pixels.
    Pages: To enter the content to different pages of the website.
    • one gaming PCs
    • iPhone 6 ab 1€*