myPMTool - Password Management Tool

myPMTool is a content management system to store your passwords easily. This system is designed and tested for almost all browser types including IE6 and mobile devices. You can store your login informations about websites, and categorize all of them. You can also generate strong passwords while adding your passwords to this system and check whether password is secure or not.
Public User Demo:
Username: demo | Password: demo
Public Admin Demo:
Username: admin | Password: admin
(Note that these accounts are public and restricted so some functionalities have been disabled.)
You can register your own private account from the system to see and test some of these disabled functionalities.
PHP 4.3 and above with mcrypt: Most hosting providers support mcrypt extension with php on their servers by default, make sure you have mcrypt installed and active on your server by checking phpinfo() to run this tool successfully. If not please try to enable mcrypt by uncommenting extension=php_mcrypt.dll from your php.ini file.
  • one gaming PCs
  • iPhone 6 ab 1€*