SmartCell: Animated Menu Cell


SmartCell is a framework designed to easily implement animated menu in a cell. With few rows of code you can create an amazing menu for each cell of your tableview. You can customize menu with button, image, and a lot of objects in easy way. This item including a project example that explain how to use the SmartCell framework to create a table cell with animated menu in a few step.

How it works!

With this framework you can create a tableview with animated menu cell. The cell is fully customizable with your preferences layout and data. The video below show a simple project, built in 5 minutes, that using this framework to create a tableview. To know more about it you can download the documentation:


If you have problem to configure your project, to use this item or other problem about it you can send me a mail and I’ll try to resolve your problem. Use my profile page form “Email AndreaAntolini” located at bottom right of that page.


  • Easy implementation of animated cell menu.
  • Fully customizable menu.
  • Implementation of left, right or both menu.
  • New in version 1.1
  • New cell menu animation “follow finger”.
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