Smartface: Facebook service in your app


Smartface is a framework designed to easily implement some features of Facebook SDK; this object uses Facebook API and is compatible with iOS 6.0 or later. You can log with Facebook and get more information including name, birthdate, image profile, friends’ list and more in a easy way. This item including a project example that explain how to use the Smartface framework to perform log in, log out and to submit query to get more information about user, user’s friends, event and much more.

How it works!

This framework work with a Facebook API, is sample to use and it mask the Facebook implementation in one single object, it leave your code clear and understandable. The video below show how is simple to create a login app, a first view to Smartface framework. To know more about it you can download the documentation:


If you have problem to configure your project, to use this item or other problem about it you can send me a mail and I’ll try to resolve your problem. Use my profile page form “Email AndreaAntolini” located at bottom right of that page.


  • Easy implementation of authentication action (login, logout).
  • Easy submission of FQL query to get a lot of information.
  • Very speed implementation of Facebook service. (less than 10 min to interact with Facebook API).
  • Mail support for item.
  • New in version (1.1)
  • Custom query
  • Publish a post in your wall with message, photo and link
  • Publish a post in a friend’s wall with photo, link, message and more.
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