Snap-N-Share (Snapchat clone)

Say hello to Snap-N-Share! Its a full and complete app ready for App Store submission. Ever heard of SnapChat? Well Snap-N-Share is on the same lines with self destructive messages that disappear after the recipient opens and views them. Snap-N-Share is powered by for backend management of user accounts, videos, photos and friend requests. Its the complete solution for a social photo and video sharing app. Whats included and features? Full app source code
Push notifications for received messages
Background fetch to support receiving friend requests when app is in the background
Built using storyboards
Photoshop files to customize look
Instructions for learning how to further customize the code
Includes a mini App Store to cross promote your other apps
UPDATED (12-19-2013)
Fixes image stretching issue and some minor bugs
Fixes some minor issues some users were having with compiling the source code
  • one gaming PCs
  • iPhone 6 ab 1€*