SoundBoard with Admob and GoogleAnalytics



Soundboard is smart easy application for playing multiple sounds with OnTouch, OnTimer and OnMotion. The application plays sounds with no limitation to the length. Soundboard is Responsive application designed grammatically by combining java with xml to re-size the app according to the screen width. In addition, soundboard provides 6 different themes for the users that could be changes easily from the option menu. Besides, It supports Admob and Google Analytics.

What is used for?

SOUNDBOARD application can be used to build hundreds of applications which will benefit from the use of motion in playing sounds For example, you can build
  1. Movies sound effects app
  2. Guns sound effects app
  3. Funny sounds like: laughs
  4. Prank sounds like FART
  5. Animals sounds eg. cats, dogs
  6. Birthday songs
  7. National Music
  8. Scary Voices
and many other example


  • Splashscreen
  • Admob smartbanner on/off
  • Google analytics
  • Rate my app dialog on/off
  • Play short and long sounds
  • Play OnTimer
  • Motion detection
  • Option menu on/off
  • 6 different themes
  • Auto save users options
  • Responsive design (looks the same on all devices)
  • Create unlimited themes
  • One minute customization
  • 16 buttons for playing sounds



    SOUNDBOARD is very easy to customize No coding required. The documentation contains all the details needed to setup your project successfully.


    If you need help ZuluCoding will always be here to support you
    • one gaming PCs
    • iPhone 6 ab 1€*