Ultimate Utube Generator (jQuery)

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jQuery plugin with tons of settings that allows users to generate embedded youtube videos adjusting almost all imaginable options in an easy way, plus generating fancy playlists and share boxes. Live preview functionality for CMS admin pages will be very handy for generating codes to save in database.

What it can be used for

  • Embed youtube videos on your websites
  • Generate fancy playlists and share boxes
  • Adjust videos previewing the applied settings
  • Generate embed video code for saving it in the database and reusing it on public pages
  • Generate plugin settings code for saving it in the database and reusing it on public pages
  • Have fun Play with lots of settings, click fancy buttons, watch nice videos…
  • etc…

    The plugin is well documented with nicely indented code, which is well commented for easy reading. Minimized file versions provided for optimal page load. Preview and demo pages are bootstrap optimized! The plugin functions correctly in all modern browsers plus IE8 and higher. All preview and demo pages are HTML5 compatible with graceful degradation.

    Item reuse in larger stock projects

    By default this item is not allowed for reuse in larger stock projects according to this CodeCanyon market place rule. But! Feel free to contact me either in the comments or using Email form on my profile page to negotiate reusing it with ‘Exception 1’ from the mentioned rule.

    Change log

    11, January, 2014 – Item approved and released. 11, January, 2014 – Applied for item’s live preview update. 13, January, 2014 – Item’s preview updated
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