Perfect text, video and audio story recorder for anyone!

WelStory is a perfect story record tools in the world. Share the most emotional moment from your wedding, the funniest video of your kids ! Use it as an e-diary, an e-notebook, use it to record your life as a story. It supports three ways of story recording: Video story, audio story and text story.


After you buying this app, please open workspace file instead of project file.

Key Features

  • Use full-customized camera.
  • Support front and back camera with flashlight.
  • Take square photo as story cover.
  • Take square video with high resolution.
  • Support audio recording.
  • Creative category-question mode to create story.
  • Modern blur story detail view.
  • Embed video player on story detail view.
  • Embed audio player on story detail view.
  • Sign in and Sign up(local maybe next version will use network).
  • Local database store user data
  • Clear creation process for story
  • FAQ

    Q. How could I change category/question predefined? A. You can use any SQLite Management Tools to update category/question table in database. Q. Does this app will use more space for my phone? A. Don’t worry about that, we support a clear cache function in setting view. That will remove all unused media files for saving space.


  • Email: support@welfony.com
    • one gaming PCs
    • iPhone 6 ab 1€*